Land Surveying Services

We are a well established firm in the community with over 50 years of land surveying records in the Chicago Area. ...

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Based on properties ½ Acre or less

Properties larger than ½ acre to be quoted on case-by-case basis

Boundary Surveys

AREA                                                                                         NEW                            UPDATE

Wheaton/Winfield/Glen Ellyn/Lombard                       $450-$475                   $425-$450

DuPage County/McHenry County                                   $450-$475                   $425-$450

DeKalb/Kane/Kendall/Will Counties                              $450-$500                   $425-$475

Western Cook County/Lake County                               $475-$525                   $450-$500

Chicago – Cook County                                                       $475-$550                   $475-$575

N. Illinois (N of Peoria) / S. Wisconsin (S of Madison) $800-$1000                 $700-$900


Civil Engineering Services

AREA                                                                                        NEW BUILD                 ADDITION

Engineering Quality Topographic Survey                            

DuPage/Lake/McHenry Counties                             $700-$1500                 $600-$1000

Kane/Kendall/Will/Cook Counties                           $900-$1700                 $800-$1200

Site Grading Plans                                                                 

Lake/McHenry Counties                                           $1,200-$2,500             $800-$1200

DuPage/Kane/Kendall/Will/Cook/DeKalb            $1,200-$3,500             $800-$1200

Chicago – Cook County                                              $1,200-$5,000             $800-$1,800

Septic Design                                                             

Lake/McHenry Counties                                           $1,200-$2,200             $800-$1200

DuPage/Kane/Kendall/Will/Cook                           $1,000-$2,000             $800-$1200


  • The above prices are for reference and do not constitute a contractual agreement for any specific job. Actual prices should be verified for each job and property and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Engineering and Surveying Services not listed above will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.