Subdivision design has evolved through the years.  From suburban cookie cutter communities to large estates on even larger lots, the concept of subdivision design revolves around what will make the largest profit for the development group.  The market crash of 2008 significantly changed the subdivision design process.  Almost no new subdivision work has been completed for the last 10 years.  As the market is starting to come around so are subdivisions.  However, the results of the recession have left buyers more cautious and more frugal in their spending decisions.  Builders as a result are sitting on funds and trying to figure out how to provide a product that will sell. 

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Septic Design and Evaluation

Septic Systems are an after-thought in most construction projects due to lack of knowledge and understanding of what the requirements for design entail.  As many people find out, the design of the septic system is the number one concern in areas where sewer and water service are not available.  In short, the importance of the septic system is portrayed accurately by the following statement: “if you can’t flush you can’t build”.  We are the experts when it come to septic system design.  While there are many designers out there few have the knowledge and experience that we have when it comes to septic systems.

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