Septic Design and Evaluation

Septic Systems are an after-thought in most construction projects due to lack of knowledge and understanding of what the requirements for design entail.  As many people find out, the design of the septic system is the number one concern in areas where sewer and water service are not available.  In short, the importance of the septic system is portrayed accurately by the following statement: “if you can’t flush you can’t build”.  We are the experts when it come to septic system design.  While there are many designers out there few have the knowledge and experience that we have when it comes to septic systems.

Big or small, residential or commercial, even wastewater system type projects, we can help you figure out what the most efficient and reliable septic system is for your project.  When people think of septic systems they think of a tank with a leach field.  The reality is that most modern systems include a variety of treatment options, pump and lift station options, and various types of fields dictated by the septic soils.  The different types of innovative and out of the box techniques increase significantly as the septic system scale increases.  Typically the more treatment required, the more complicated the design of the septic system becomes, and we at Polena Engineering, LLC thrive on helping you figure out even the most challenging sites.